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Father McGivney Catholic High School is dedicated to serving the spiritual and educational needs of students who demonstrate a commitment of its mission, goals, and religious values, and who will benefit from its academic program.

Students will be excluded only if the school does not offer an educational program which meets their needs, if the students do not accept the moral and behavioral standards of the school, or if the parents fail to meet their financial obligations to the school.

Father McGivney Catholic High School admits students of any race, color, sex, nationality, and ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to the students at the school.  It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, nationality, and ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, scholarships and loan programs, and athletic and school administration programs.


Admission to Father McGivney Catholic High School is first based on evidence of the applicant’s academic performance, leadership ability, motivation and good character.  An applicant’s academic performance will be based on, but not limited to ASPIRE test scores, grades and recommendations from  previous school.  Examples of students demonstrating good character, leadership skills and service may be requested from the parents, applicant, Parish Priest or adult in good standing.


Admission Timeline


September 1st  Freshmen online application opens
Third Saturday in November – 8:00 am – 12:00 pm – ASPIRE entrance test
December 15th – Deadline for Applications and application fees.  Any applications submitted after this date will automatically be placed on the waitlist.
January 15th – Applicants who met the Dec. 15th deadline will be notified that they have been accepted, placed on the waitlist or denied acceptance.
February 15th – Student Fee must be paid to secure student’s spot if waitlist has been enacted.
March 15th – Deadline for all requests for financial aid.
Mid April – Notification of financial aid to applicants

Acceptance Selection Policy

The priority of admissions shall be applied to all qualified applicants in the following order:

1. Students in good academic, financial and behavioral standing currently enrolled at FMCHS.  If freshmen or transfer applications exceed available space, a currently enrolled student in good standing (academic, behavior and financial) with FMCHS will not be dismissed in order to admit a new student.

2.  Siblings of students in good academic, financial and behavioral standing currently enrolled in FMCHS and/or siblings of the Catholic alumni of FMCHS.  

3.  Catholic students who have been continuously enrolled in a Catholic elementary school in the Metro-East area or in a Catholic elementary school in an area where they previously resided. In the event the available capacity of FMCHS is not sufficient to accept all such applicants, priority shall be granted to those who attended the largest percentage of available Catholic elementary education. For example, an applicant who attended a Catholic elementary school from kindergarten through eighth grade shall be admitted prior to an applicant who attended only a portion of the available grade school years.  

4.  Students whose families are active parishioners* of feeder parishes or other Catholic parishes but who did not attend a Catholic elementary school , where a Catholic elementary school was available, or were Homeschooled in a certified Catholic Homeschool program.  (*Parishioners are those persons who are registered with the parish, who faithfully participate in the sacramental life of the church and who assume responsibility for the ongoing support of the parish through stewardship of time, talent and treasure.  The applicant must also attend PSR classes through 8th grade, except Home School parents who must document that their student has been continuously enrolled in a Catholic Home School program through 8th grade.)

5.  Non-Catholic students who have been continuously enrolled in a Catholic elementary school, starting with those students attending the greatest number of elementary education years in a Catholic school receiving the highest priority.

6.  All other high school age students, including graduates of other religiously affiliated or private elementary schools.

Waitlist Policy

Students not selected for admission to Father McGivney Catholic High School or who applied after the 12/15 deadline  will automatically be placed on a wait list.  If openings become available, students on the waitlist will be given priority for those openings in the same order of preference as detailed in the Admissions Selection Policy above.  Applications will be reviewed at the end of each month beginning in February.  Candidates selected for available spots will be invited to complete the enrollment process.  A new waitlist will be created for each school year and shall be established after the selection process for the upcoming school year has ended and shall terminate when that school year ends.


Students in good standing from another school will be considered for transfer admission after the following has been accomplished and space is available in that class and in the same order of preference as detailed in the Admissions Selection Policy above.

1.  A conference with the principal, parents and student has been held to discuss the goals, religious mission and expectations of FMCHS.

2.  Previous educational records have been supplied to Father McGivney Catholic High School including, if available and applicable: current grade transcript or report card, most recent standardized testing results, discipline records, Individualized Education Plan (IEP), Service Plan or Section 504 Plan.

3.  If appropriate records are not available or if there are other educational concerns, the principal may require entrance testing of the student and direct consultation with the previous school to determine appropriate educational placement before admission is granted.

4.  Enrollment/Admission forms are completed.

NOTE: Father McGivney Catholic High School supports the disciplinary decisions of other schools. Therefore, a student expelled from another private or public school may not be considered for enrollment until one year after the expulsion date and then only at the discretion of the Principal in consultation with the Pastor.

Returning McGivney Student Enrollment Timeline

January 7th – Enrollment opens
February 28th – Enrollment process must be completed and fees paid.
March – Advisory appointments with Mrs. Madura begin for next years classes


Anyone who is not a citizen of the United States must have completed an I-20A form before registration.  Special arrangements must be made for foreign exchange students, and prospective sponsors should be aware that admission is not automatic. A limited number of foreign nationals will be admitted per year and all must be fluent in English.  Each student must have a host family and that family must meet with the Administrator before acceptance and throughout the school year.  Students living with guardians must be able to present proper legal paperwork.  No foreign exchange student will be considered after June 1.


All students are required to live with a parent or legal guardian while in attendance at Father McGivney Catholic High School. Notarized proof may be requested, and non-compliance will result in dismissal.


State law requires that a health certificate indicating a current physical exam, including all immunizations, be presented by all students entering ninth grade, and by all transfer students.  Students who do not have health and immunization records on file by October 15 will not be allowed to attend school until they are compliant.  In addition, physical exams for all students who participate in interscholastic athletics are required each year prior to participation.


For more information, please contact Mrs. Madura at 618-855-9010 or email her at bmadura@mcgivneygriffins.com or use the contact form found here.


Ready to be a Griffin? You can apply for admission NOW ONLINE!  Father McGivney Catholic High School is currently accepting applications for admission for all four classes of students for the next school year.  Potential transfer students may call the school at 618-855-9010 for information on transferring this school year (open to incoming Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors).

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