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Community System

The Community System

Father McGivney Catholic High School uses a community-based system which allows for peer-mentoring, faith-formation, service, tutoring, team-building, and leadership opportunities.  Each community is divided into houses that are comprised of a cross-section of students – freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  The students meet daily in their houses to further develop their relationships with Jesus Christ, each other, and their faculty mentors.  Houses also participate in quarterly service days, in which the entire school serves the surrounding community, fulfilling the school’s mission of Serving the Culture of Life.

  • To form a strong academic community of disciples responding to the call of Jesus Christ
  • To prepare students to serve the Culture of Life through a total gift of self
  • To engage students in the mission, sacramental life, and magisterial teachings of the Catholic Church
  • To develop faithful citizens to lead an America that values the dignity and worth of every human person
  • There are five Communities at Father McGivney Catholic High School: Saint Matthew, Saint Mark, Saint Luke, Saint John, and Blessed Mother Mary.
  • Currently, each Community is divided into two Houses.  There are fourteen total Houses: St. Michael, St. Jude, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, St. Cecilia, St. Sebastian, St. Rose, St. Patrick, St. Padre Pio, St. Albert the Great, St. Nicholas, St. Aloysius Gonzaga, St. Christopher, Pope St. John Paul II (the Faculty & Staff House), and Ss. Anne & Joachim (the Parent House)
  • Each of the Houses are made up of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors
  • Each House has at least one faculty mentor and a House Leader from each of the four classes.  The only exceptions are Pope St. John Paul II House, comprised of the school’s faculty and staff, and Ss. Anne & Joachim House, comprised of the student’s parents.
  • There is a Senior Community Leader that oversees the other House Leaders.  This student also serves as the alumni contact for the class after graduation.
  • Each House has at least one faculty mentor that guides and directs the House Leaders and mentors the students in their House.
  • Each House has a representative from each class that serves as a House Leader.  House Leaders are responsible for the day-to-day curriculum implementation and to oversee the organization of their Houses.
  • The Community and House system is supported by the Faith Formation Director.  The Director plans the curriculum, service opportunities, and daily activities of the Houses, in conjunction with the Senior Community Leader.
  • House is a class period at the end of the day and is used for faith formation, developing study skills, leadership skills, and strengthening community relationships.

Previous Winners

2017-2018 Community Cup Winner: Saint Mark Community.  First place House: St. Cecilia.
2016-2017 Community Cup Winner: Saint Mark Community.  First place House: St. Patrick.