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Every gift is important to our success. There are opportunities for everyone to support McGivney at a level that can help us along, propel us forward, or even leave a legacy. This is your chance to make McGivney real for the future of our Church, and to know that you were there to help launch the tradition of Catholic secondary education for our community. Thank you for your prayers, your dedication, and your generosity.

To make a donation, please use the “Donate Online” button below or contact Emily Joellenbeck, at 618-855-9010 or ejoellenbeck@mcgivneygriffins.com or download and send in an EFT form for automatic payments.

Gifts of Stocks

Using publicly-traded stock to make a gift to Father McGivney Catholic High School can be a very tax-wise method of giving, especially if the stock has appreciated in value since you acquired it. Giving appreciated stock saves you tax dollars in the following ways:
1. You will receive an income-tax deduction for the current value of the stock. This value is the average of the high and low trading price on the transfer date.
2. You avoid paying the tax on the capital gain of the stock.

If the stock is currently held in a brokerage account, simply request that your broker transfer the stock into the brokerage account of Father McGivney Catholic High School. Your broker will require that you sign a document authorizing the transfer.

Follow these instructions to initiate a transfer of stock to Father McGivney Catholic High School.

In order for Father McGivney Catholic High School to be able to properly provide supporting tax documentation and so that you can be recognized, please email your name, stock name and approximate value to Emily Joellenbeck at ejoellenbeck@mcgivneygriffins.com.