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Uniform Ordering Information

Dress and Appearance Code

Students are expected to always present a neat, clean and modest appearance.  Any attire deemed inappropriate, distracting, immodest, or unsafe by the administration is a violation of the Dress Code.  Students not in compliance will be sent to the office to rent the correct uniform piece.  The cost to rent is $1/uniform piece.

To view appropriate style of dress, visit Land’s End or Fischer’s School Uniforms which are the ONLY authorized provider of FMCHS uniform apparel.

Teachers and coaches may impose a higher standard for field trips, special programs, or game days. Coaches will designate one approved game day per week during the season that students may dress as a team. Students are required to wear the designated team polo/fleece. No t-shirts are allowed unless approved by the Principal.

Shirts, Blouses, and Outerwear

Shirt: The students must wear a white, navy, or green polo shirt with the school’s logo which can only be purchased through approved vendors.  Shirts should be tucked in at all times.

Outerwear: If a student wishes to wear an additional piece of clothing for warmth, it must be the navy or green ¼ zip fleece pullover, navy sweater vest, navy cardigan, navy ¼ zip sweatshirt pullover, or navy dry-tec ¼ zip pullover. When wearing a school approved pullover students must have a school approved collared shirt on underneath the pullover.

Mass Days: Students will be required to wear a solid white (no logo) full button down oxford dress shirt / dress oxford blouse with a collar. The shirt is required to be tucked in at all times. No polo shirts are allowed on Mass Days. Female students will have the option of the crossover tie or traditional tie. Male students must wear traditional tie. Both ties must be purchased through Land’s End. Shorts and fleeces MAY NOT be worn on Mass Days.

Undershirts (optional): Undershirts must be solid white, or navy, short or long sleeved and must be free from any writing that shows through the shirt.

Dress Down Days: On Principal approved Dress Down Days students must follow the following guidelines:

Students may wear the following:

– Jeans
– t-shirts
– Tennis shoes,
– Sweatshirts, Christmas Sweaters
– Sweatpants
– Shorts that reach just above the knee or longer.  They may be athletic shorts or dress shorts.

Dress restrictions:

– No hats or bandanas
– No sandals or flip-flops
– No hoodies or hooded sweatshirts
– No tears in your jeans or pants.
– No yoga pants or spandex.
– No inappropriate logos or writing on clothing.
– No pajama pants or slippers

The Principal or designated representative will be the final judge if a piece of clothing is inappropriate.  If the clothing is deemed inappropriate the student will be asked to put on school approved clothing and his/her parents/guardian will be notified.

Pants, Dress Shorts, Slacks, and Skirts

Khaki tailored pants, khaki pleated skirts, khaki skorts, or walking shorts (in season and no shorter than two inches above the knee) purchased from an approved vendor may be worn. A black or brown belt must be in all belt loops.

The plaid skirts and khaki pleated skirts must be purchased through Fischer’s and must be no shorter than two inches above the knee. The khaki skort must be purchased through Land’s End.

Pants and shorts must be worn at the waist, never at the hips.

Shorts may be worn all year long.  Leggings are allowed to be worn under skirts, but must be solid black or navy. No writing on leggings is permitted, except for the school logo.


Black or brown leather shoes with standard heel and standard sole must be worn. Tennis shoes, open-back shoes, and house slippers are not allowed (even if they are black or brown leather). Shoes must have hard soles and heels. Socks must be worn with shoes at all times.

Hair/Facial Hair

Hair must be of one, approved natural color, neat and clean. (For boys; no longer than three inches anywhere on the head, and off the face, ears, and collar). For safety reasons certain hair styles may not be allowed. No designs of any kind may be cut into the hair.

Boys must be clean-shaven at all times, and sideburns must not be lower than the bottom of the earlobe. Any student not in compliance with the facial hair policy will be require to shave at school. Continued failure to comply with this policy will result in disciplinary action.


Hats must be removed upon entering the school building and must remain off the entire school day and stored in lockers.

Appropriate rings and watches, medals, crosses, etc. must be worn inside the clothing. Boys may not wear body-piercing jewelry. Girls may not wear excessive or unsafe earrings, maximum of 2 piercings in each ear.

Dance/Homecoming/Prom Guidelines

Our goal is to insure a safe and healthy dance environment that honors the values of Father McGivney Catholic High School. These policies emerge from our shared mission in promoting Catholic values that recognize the dignity and self-worth of all people. Dress for formal events should serve as a means to emphasize the beauty and dignity of the whole person. Within this setting, dances are viewed as an opportunity for students to socialize in a supervised and safe environment. Student behavior and manner of dress should reflect this guiding principle.

FOR LADIES: Dress/outfit should be appropriate for the Father McGivney Catholic High School setting. Dress, skirt, blouse/top or pants outfit should be formal in nature. The dress/outfit must meet the following requirements:

Appropriate LENGTH: skirt, dress, and the slit of skirt or dress may be approximately no shorter than 3 inches above the knee in front and back.

Appropriate FIT: the whole dress may not be so tight as to show all contours of the body. Also, the dress should not rise (past the length requirements) up while dancing.

Appropriate CUT: top may be strapless or spaghetti straps, but not low cut. Dresses should not have cutout areas on the sides or front, but small cutouts are permissible on the back, as long as the area exposed remains 2 inches above the waistline and does not spread to the sides. Dress may not be see-through and may not expose any midriff or cleavage. (In order to be considered a cutout the hole must be bigger than 1 inch.)

Students who have any questions about dress code or who want to have an outfit approved prior to an event please contact our school dress code liaison, Mrs. Madura in the Student Services Office.

FOR GENTLEMAN: Men too, should dress in a dignified manner.

Dress pants (no jeans, kilts or sweats). Long sleeve, button down, collared shirt with tie or bow tie; formal jackets for prom; and belt and dress shoes. (no sandals or crocs)

Any student bringing a guest from a different school, MUST complete a guest request form and provide all required documentation prior to the event. All guests are required to comply with FMCHS rules, regulations and dress code.

Any clothing that violates the policy will NOT be allowed into the event until the attire is in-line with these guidelines. If a dress or outfit does not meet the above requirements the student will be required to correct the issue which may entail putting on a shirt provided by the school.


Visible tattoos or similar decorations are not allowed. Coats, jackets, backpacks, hoodies, etc. must be kept in the locker during the school day.

Physical Education (Men and Women)

Approved physical education uniforms are available for purchase through the Athletic Director.  Students must be properly dressed for physical education in order to be counted present in the class.  In addition to the uniform, the following are required:

  1. Athletic socks
  2. Athletic shoes

All physical education apparel must be kept clean and in good repair.  P.E. Lockers must be locked with a personal combination lock.

Arrangements to purchase P.E. Uniforms can be made with the Athletic Director.

Questions regarding uniforms can be addressed to Mrs. Madura by calling the school office at (618) 855-9010.